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Our Philosophy... Continued.

We have a small team and a large practice area. You may think that this is a negative thing but let us demonstrate why it is not. We believe we have the perfect team; a couple of lawyers and paralegals, so that we can remain focused on you and not the size and expense of our office.


Your foremost problem is having to deal with a lawyer in the first place. If you are spending so much money on lawyers that your legal fees eclipse your liability then what have you accomplished? We have a large practice area because our clients have all sorts of problems and we are there for them to resolve those problems in the most efficient way possible.

We firmly believe that empathy is the cornerstone of effective legal representation. A lawyer must possess the ability to step into their clients' shoes and act for them as if they were acting for themselves. This means making sure that the problem is resolved quickly but an ordinary lawyer is not incentivised to resolve problems quickly because how else would they get paid? By understanding our clients on a deeper level, we can provide tailored and compassionate advice, laying the foundation for a good plan you can see through to achieve your objective.

All problems are ultimately the same. To solve a problem requires: faithfully and diligently investigating the issues; understanding the intent and desired resolution; identifying the express and implied objectives to achieve the end-state; foreseeing problems to mitigate risk; and then having the will to act diligently until the end-state is achieved. The other half of this formula is being a good listener, communicating effectively, having empathy and mutual respect for your fellow human. We apply this formula to every matter we are involved in, that is why we are successful with a small team that has a large practice area.

Creativity is another essential aspect that shapes our approach to the practice of law. We recognise that the interpretation and application of legal principles require innovative thinking and resourcefulness. We approach each case with a creative mindset, exploring unique solutions and strategies to achieve our clients' objectives.

At the heart of Nightingale Lawyers lies an unwavering commitment to being good people. We are driven by a genuine passion for helping others. We are invested in your success, treating your problems as if they were our own and working tirelessly to achieve your objectives.

These guiding principles define the essence of Nightingale Lawyers and permeate every aspect of our practice. With teamwork, mastery and heart we are committed to solving your problems and alleviating your stress. That is why we firmly stand by our motto we can figure it out together.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our team is comprised of lawyers and paralegals. Each member of our team brings unique expertise to the table, allowing us to provide the best legal advice and support to our clients. Click on each team member to find out more about them. 

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