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Our Practice Areas

We have a small office with a diverse practice. That is because we know how to solve problems. Generally we try to resolve matters quickly and costs effectively. The fact that you need a lawyer is a problem in the first place. You know you can trust because we are always cautious of how lawyers notoriously increase stress as opposed to alleviating it. Over the years we have expanded our practice because our clients return with all sorts of issues. We know how to come up with a plan and achieve objectives. You can call us to discuss a plan with no obligation to pay any fees until you decide to act on it.

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Construction Law

Building and Construction law is a complicated area of law governed by old legislation. Whether you are  a builder or owner, the most important thing is to make sure you get what you bargained for. Before any dispute your interests aligned within your Contract. Getting things back on track is paramount.

Criminal Law

Your liberty is the most important thing next to your life. After that is your good name and ensuring your rights are protected from an overreaching government. You are innocent until proven guilty but if you are pleading guilty there is a lot we can do for you to mitigate the penalties.

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Conveyancing is a strict transactional process. If you are selling you need to make sure you disclose everything you can about the property. If you are buying you need to make sure you get what you bargained for. We can help you achieve your objective with fixed fees.

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Commercial Law

You need to earn a crust and the best thing to do is have a lawyer who can help you avoid problems and disputes. When it comes to making deals, time is a big constraint, because a lot can happen over time. We can help you avoid problems by foreseeing and mitigating risk. Even if the worst happens, and you end up in Court, if a lawyer is there to help you in the beginning they can be best placed to ensure victory at the end.

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Family Law

We have a singular approach to family law disputes - especially when there are children involved. We aim to be amicable and conciliatory because your Court matter is never going to outlast your obligations to your family. A costly and protracted dispute will only compound resentment and in the worst case traumatise everyone involved. If you are willing to be reasonable, conciliatory and avoid paying ridiculous legal fees with endless fighting - we can figure it out together.

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