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Family Law 

Family Law proceedings present the most challenges. They are not especially difficult to handle from a legal perspective but they present a social challenge that can impact your life long after the proceedings are finished - especially if there are children involved. It certainly does not help when lawyers are so costly and adversarial. The fact is that life goes on after a separation or divorce and you need to find a way forward in a long lasting and healthy way.

At Nightingale Lawyers, we take a very singular approach to your family law dispute. Whether it is in relation to Financial and Property matters, and especially in relation to Child and Parenting orders, we aim to re-establish lines of communication and settle your matter in the most cost effective way possible.

If there are children involved you are most probably going to have to work with your ex partner whether you like it or not. Excluding extreme cases where violence exists (which cannot and will not be tolerated) you can reasonably re-establish a dialogue for the sake of your children. The family law proceedings will eventually end but your ties to your family will not. It is in your best interests to try and find an amicable solution and we always want to act in your best interests.


If you are fighting in the family law Courts then you are suffering. Unless the fight is to ensure the safety of your children and safeguard them, or yourself, against domestic violence, on a balance of probabilities, it is most likely not worth your time and money.

If you are intent on finding a quick and amicable solution, at Nightingale Lawyers we can figure it out together.

If you are suffering from domestic violence (or if you know of someone who is) please contact 000. Alternatively you can contact 1800RESPECT. Domestic Violence cannot be tolerated. If you would like to discuss this with us it would be our solemn privilege to help but if this is an emergency please contact Emergency Services without hesitation. 

If you are seeking legal advice we offer an initial free and no-obligation consultation. Contact us today at (02) 4201 0374 or use our online booking form.

For emergency after-hours situations, you can also call us on our landline (02) 4201 0374 which forwards to our duty solicitor's mobile after-hours.

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